Around Town

Around Town

Sometimes when we are out and about around town, something special catches our attention in a local shop or restaurant or we stumble upon a hidden gem we never knew existed. So we snap a picture and share it with friends and family along with how cool we think it is. Well, our readers are an extension of our friends and family in the community that we call home and we wanted to create a new feature to share these tidbits and treasures with all of you.

These first selections for “Around Town” were chosen by contributor, Pascha Franklin. Her friends know Pascha as someone who has a knack for finding cool things for families and unique and useful products around Stillwater, so we thought she’d be a great person to ask to help us out with this first edition.  

Have you seen something great around town you think we should know about? Snap a great photo of it and send it to ammie at with a few sentences about what it is, where you found it, and why you think it’s so great and your “Around Town” pick might be selected for an upcoming issue.

Simplicity and Company is not just a place to get many flavors of tea. It’s a place to meet with friends. A place to catch up on old times. A quiet space to read. A place to get encouragement. Take home and stir up your own personal encouragement with this great engraved spoon.


Riding a bike is relaxing. You can do it alone or with family or friends. It’s great exercise but it’s also enjoyable. Whether you’re staying in town, or going off on a trek, it’s good to stay within reach. You can find this universal phone mount at District Bicycles. It works great; it just clips on and stays put.


Sometimes all the fun gifts are for the females. Not at EVERYMAN. They have so many fun and interesting items to choose from. Like this body wash and shampoo combo. In a package that resembles a whiskey bottle, Eighteen.Twentyone helps you bring a little whimsy into what is usually just a daily routine.