Elite Repeat Donates to Stillwater Public Schools

Marilyn Herr, VP, Elite Repeat Board presents a check to Collett Campbell, Chair, Stillwater PTA Council.

Check for $3,500 to District PTA Library Fund Latest Gift

Media Release

Each year, Elite Repeat donates thousands of dollars to the community of Stillwater, including Stillwater Public Schools and its teachers. This local non-profit organization primarily generates funds through a store, staffed by volunteers, selling gently used furniture, clothing, shoes, office supplies, linens, and toys.

Elite Repeat’s latest gift to the school district is a donation of $3,500 to the PTA Library Fund, received by Collett Campbell, Chair of the Stillwater PTA Council. The money will be split among participating district elementary schools and Stillwater Middle School. The donation will be used by school library media specialists to purchase books, software and other library needs. 

“We want to do all we can to help the community as a whole and we know that schools are a big part of that community,” says Marilyn Herr, Vice President of the Elite Repeat board and a volunteer manager at the store.

Additionally, Herr says Elite Repeat donates around $6,000 annually to reimburse participating elementary school teachers for out-of-pocket expenses. To participate for up to $50 in reimbursement, elementary teachers at participating sites coordinate with their school’s parent/teacher association or organization to submit receipts by the end of October. Elite Repeat will issue a payment to each site which will then distribute the reimbursement out to the teachers. “Children are our future, as they say,” Herr explains. “Part of the reason we give this money is that we know teachers spend a lot of their own money, and we want to supplement that even if just in this small way.” 

“We don’t waste anything,” Herr says of Elite Repeat. “Anything we can’t sell because it’s torn or soiled we send on to other organizations in Stillwater and beyond. We’ll give items, we call them Pass-Ons, to the Mission of Hope, Habitat for Humanity, Wings of Hope, and Our Daily Bread. There’s even a company from Dallas that comes and takes these Pass-Ons to other countries.”

Since its founding in 2002 Elite Repeat has, according to Herr, donated about $3.8 million to the community of Stillwater. People interested in donating items to Elite Repeat should visit the store’s downtown location at 711 S. Main Street, Stillwater or call 405-377-4462.