From the Editor (August 2016 edition)

by Ammie Bryant, Editor

Where did the summer go? I swear the summers just seem to go faster and faster the older the kids get–or maybe it’s the older I get?

NidoranThis summer our kids stayed busy with band camp, chef’s camp, Library programs, and swimming. We try to limit screen time during the summer, but I have to admit almost all of us–well, except for Jefferson–leapt into the world-wide craze of Pokemon Go. Yes, you read that right, that includes me. I can’t say I understand everything that is going on in the game, but it has been fun to get out of the house with the kids, walk around downtown and visit area parks to try to “catch ‘em all!” The game has also given my kids a chance to teach me about something they enjoy and know a lot about–and that quality time is so worth it.

Now it’s August and we are just weeks from school starting. I always loved the beginning of the school year, the chance for a fresh start, new teachers, new classes, activities, and maybe making some new friends too. My favorite part of the new school year was shopping for new school supplies and clothes. This year, we hit the Krazy Days sales around town to keep our back-to-school shopping local and stocked up on some of our favorite local t-shirts like the ones from the Joe’s reject sale and the University store.

Speaking of t-shirts, don’t miss the article this month from the Visit Stillwater gang all about the iconic t-shirts that are a must-have for tourists and Stillwater natives, alike.

Back-to-school time also means County Fair time! I love the exhibits in the building and of course the kids want to ride the carnival rides. I’m not much for rides, but I think we can all agree on sharing a slice of pie made by the Payne County Home and Community Education members. They are legendary!

Oh there is so much coming up this month to do and enjoy in our community! Be sure to read all the great content the August print issue has to offer or you might miss out on something really great about our town of Stillwater.  

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