Gallery Show Brings Variety

Media Release

Modella Art Gallery is pleased to announce the showing, Text & Textile: Roland Bernier Past and Fiber Artists. Roland Bernier’s work is a compilation of abstract and conceptual works by Roland Bernier (1932-2015). A collective of four fiber artists completes the diverse show held from May 10th until June 30th at Modella Gallery, 721 S. Main, Stillwater, OK. Opening reception is Thursday, May 10, from 6-8 p.m.

Bernier was an abstract and conceptual artist using words, phrases, and sometimes images combined with words. Bernier states, “Many of my pieces have specific references both verbal and visual. I often purposely use clichés and combine them with imagery from various designs and photographs that are Xeroxed. The pictures and title combine to re-invent the cliché for the viewer. Over time and repeated readings, unexpected connections and narratives are made.”

He also said, “Making art is chancy and uncertain; but these are also essential ingredients for a determined innovative approach to art. Ideas can be re-used for a thousand variations supplying the framework for a whole body of work rather than just a single piece.”

Also in this newest show at Modella Gallery is a collective of four fiber artists, Cherrie Hampton, Judy Laine, Janis Updike Walker and Miriam Young. A theme throughout all their works is the idea that fiber art and clothing production are mainly considered women’s work.

Cherrie Hampton, classically trained in voice and opera, began exploring other art forms along her journey. She states with her art quilts that bold forms and colors seen at a distance become delicate subtleties and surprises up close.

Judy Laine, of Stillwater, integrates Mother Nature into her pieces, much collected through findings and gifts from friends. She combines artistic mediums from her
handmade paper, clay and fiber.

Janis Updike Walker says she often ponders the description of “women’s work” in relation to her artistic expression. She creates contemporary embroidery collage using vintage fabrics, found objects, beads and thread.

Miriam Young combines traditional handcrafts such as lace, beading, embroidery, and vintage crochet work into her work when and if appropriate. Other influences on Young’s work include traditional techniques and motifs from other cultures with their ties to place and time, music, Art Deco design, and the clothing of the 1920’s and 30’s with its flowing, draping appearance.

Modella Gallery is a non-profit art gallery dedicated to bringing contemporary arts to Stillwater, Oklahoma. Intended to be a conduit for the arts, the gallery presents a continuing program of art exhibitions of local and national artists, visual, music and performance events, screenings, and special projects. Modella Gallery is located at 721 South Main Street in historic downtown Stillwater, OK.

Hours are Thursday and Friday 5-8pm; Saturday 11-5pm, and Sunday 11-3 p.m. For further information, please contact the gallery at (405) 880-4434 or visit