Have a Happy Slapoween at Modella Art Gallery, October 16 with Slapout

Story provided by Modella Art Gallery

Critically-praised from Arizona to Finland, Stillwater’s folk-rock band, Slapout, will perform a multi-media Halloween show at Modella Art Gallery, 721 S. Main, on October 16. The evening will begin with a showing of the 1968 zombie horror classic, Night of the Living Dead, at 5 p.m. Slapout’s Halloween set will start at 7 p.m. The event will benefit the Modella Art Gallery. Donations will be accepted but not required.

Formed in Stillwater after the demise of their college band, The Delicious Militia, Derek McCubbin and Hugh Foley have been leading the folk-rock ensemble of Slapout since 2003. Currently featuring touring rock drummer Justin Johnson on drums, and bassist Rosty from Venezuela who also happens to be a Ph.D. candidate in physics at Oklahoma State, Slapout has performed at street fairs, in museums, art galleries, gypsum plants, living room and back yard parties, as well as several Oklahoma venues. 

With an emphasis on lyrics that relate to their Oklahoma home and humorous observations about life, Slapout features a musical sensibility that is both familiar and exploratory, combining various instruments and lineups with a primary goal of entertaining audiences. Backed by visual media, the band’s Halloween show will consist of both original compositions, as well as many Halloween-themed songs. The band will also present their version of Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Raven.” 

With three independent albums and a five-song EP of originals, as well as a Christmas album, Slapout has been featured on KUSH radio in Cushing, and written up favorably by critics in Finland, Arizona, and Oklahoma. The band’s 2020 album, Redbud, bounces around with 13 songs, ten of which are originals, with three interpretations of Oklahoma folk music and poetry. The group has been featured at performances for a Smithsonian Roots Music Exhibit, at the Oklahoma Historical Society’s statewide annual meeting, and libraries around the state for musical presentations on cowboy music.