I Support Stillwater

Story by Ammie Bryant, Editor

Graphics provided by Juvo Web Solutions

We’ve all seen the online fundraisers.  From GoFundMe to Kickstarter, most of us have received a solicitation or two asking for a  contribution to someone’s fundraiser for medical expenses, tuition, or even funding for the next big invention or special project.  Perhaps you’ve seen one that piqued your interest but you decided not to contribute because you weren’t positive that the money that was being raised would go to the cause it purported to support or you would rather make a donation to local causes that benefit the community where you live.

Juvo Web Solutions seeks to eliminate this uncertainty with the introduction of the website ISupportStillwater.com. Derrick Wallace, president of The Juvo Group, the parent company of Juvo Web, said that Juvo has always been a community minded company.  After the tragic incident that took place at the 2015 OSU homecoming parade, the Juvo team wanted to help the community in some way, to make sure that when tragedy happens the community will have a safe and reliable way to help those in need.

Inspired by other fundraising websites, Juvo Web created ISupportStillwater.com, a local fundraising website that gives organizations and individuals a place to raise money online for their fundraising campaign, for causes such as:

  • Tuition
  • Adoption costs
  • Medical needs
  • Memorial funds
  • Neighborhood and community needs
  • Helping local businesses
  • Providing a platform for personal needs.

One big difference between I Support Stillwater and other online fundraising platforms is that I Support Stillwater is local.  It is designed for local donors to be able to go to one location on the web and give to causes that are locally based.  By showcasing local needs, I Support Stillwater makes it easier for local organizations and individuals to get noticed and stand out from the sea of fundraisers found through other platforms.

The site is designed to be a risk-free way to donate and raise funds for a variety of causes. There are no upfront costs to the organizations or individuals seeking donations.  A flat ten percent of the funds raised are remitted to Juvo. This fee goes directly to the costs of running the website which includes banking fees associated with any type of credit or debit card payments.  For an additional small fee, the beneficiary can be verified at one of two levels.  The Silver Level verifies the fundraiser’s identity.  The Gold Level verifies the fundraiser’s identity and confirms that the funding will be distributed to the designated expense.  


I Support Stillwater has already helped Stillwater High School’s Stillwater Makes a Change (SMAC) program. After Wallace spoke to a High School leadership class and shared his passion for the community as well as  Juvo’s efforts in creating I Support Stillwater, students approached him about using the new fundraising website to collect funds for this year’s campaign. SMAC was one of the first groups to test out the website, which they used primarily for accepting bank card payments.

Other organizations, such as Stillwater Area United Way, have also come on board in support of the new website, saying it will help them direct new charities towards a reliable platform to host their fundraisers.  The website gives both donors and campaign managers a convenient and credible place to create and promote their fundraisers.

“The fact that we now have a website to refer new and independent fundraisers to is a fantastic resource for us as an organization,” said Sheri Carter, Stillwater Area United Way Executive Director.

Juvo Web Solutions is a Stillwater web development company that was founded on the principles of serving its community, providing web solutions for businesses across the state of Oklahoma and beyond.  

“Juvo” is latin for “to serve and delight” and Derrick Wallace and his team at Juvo take this phrase as their mission.  Wallace said he believes that “we are all created to serve others and any talents we are given in life are meant to serve others.”  With the creation of I Support Stillwater, Wallace puts his team’s talents and passion for web design into service for the betterment of the community of Stillwater.

To donate or create your own campaign, go to isupportstillwater.com.