Renewable Energy Task Force seeks community feedback as it explores Stillwater’s future energy needs

Media Release

Stillwater’s Renewable Energy Task Force is seeking community input as it pursues its goal of providing recommendations to the City Council by the end of 2021.

The Stillwater City Council approved the creation of the ad hoc advisory committee in February 2020 and also passed a resolution expressing a commitment to transition to 100% clean, renewable energy. The task force consists of Stillwater citizens, and representatives of local educational, business and industrial entities.

The task force is working to create clean energy goals and benchmarks that are based on input from individuals, organizations and groups most affected by Stillwater’s current energy systems.

The group’s efforts have been slowed by the pandemic, but the task force has begun meeting regularly. The committee has formed two work groups, Energy Out and Supply. The Energy Out work group is looking at ways to increase efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions with ideas like electric vehicles, waste reduction and efficient buildings.

The Supply group is exploring ways to increase the supply of renewables available with ideas like solar panels, distributed generation and community solar.

Task force member Robin Cornwell said, “Science tells us the climate is changing, and preparing now will make our community more resilient to the problems ahead. In seeking solutions, it’s important to ask three questions about any project: is it economically feasible, is it environmentally sound and is it socially responsible?” 

She added, “I can’t wait to see the great ideas we come up with for transitioning Stillwater to clean, renewable energy!”

Kristine Waits is also serving on the task force and said, “Joining this task force came after I looked into adding solar panels to our home. I learned that Stillwater needed to make its policies more supportive of solar. I wanted to be a part of that change. It’s my hope that we will make changes today so that my kids won’t have to deal with these issues tomorrow.”

“We are eager to hear from the community as the task force carries out this important initiative,” said Becky Taylor, task force liaison and Chief Civic Innovation Officer for the City of Stillwater. “The community appreciates the work and commitment of the task force members as Stillwater explores a transition to clean and renewable energy.”

To learn more about the task force, including recaps of previous meetings, and to provide input, go to the Renewable Energy Task Force on the City’s Speak Up Stillwater page.