Stillwater leaders recognized for community contributions

Media Release

Congratulations to Assistant City Manager Paula Dennison, Emergency Management Director Rob Hill and Vice Mayor Pat Darlington on their recognition at the Route 50 Navigator Awards ceremony held in San Antonio, TX in November. Route 50 Navigator Awards honors excellence in state and local government and the awards ceremony was held in conjunction with the annual National League of Cities conference. 

Dennison and Hill, with Rachel Riley from the Southern Climate Impacts Planning Program, were selected as the top “Tech Innovators” for their work in developing the Simple Planning Tool for Oklahoma Climate Hazards, a climate-tracking tool used in the planning for and mitigation of hazards to communities across Oklahoma.

Darlington was selected as a finalist among “The Electeds” for her work in effecting change in mental health care through bringing Grand Lake Mental Health to Stillwater.

Dennison, Hill and Darlington competed with over 200 nominations. Read more at