Stillwater Marching Band Returns to Competitions

Story provided by Stillwater Public Schools

One hundred weeks since they last performed in a marching competition, the Stillwater Marching Band once again took the field along with sixteen other high school bands at the Owasso Invitational.

“It was great to be back at contest again,” said Director Kevin Zamborsky. “It’s such a different environment to play for that crowd who understands and appreciates all the hard work that goes into performing these shows, and I’m glad the students got to experience that feeling once again.”

This was the first time marching competitively for more than half of the band members. Due to the pandemic eliminating most marching contests across the country last year, freshmen and sophomores had never participated in such an event.

Performing their show “Catherals,” the band placed second in its division during preliminary competition, and qualified for finals, where the band placed ninth overall.

“I’m incredibly proud of how hard our students have worked and how far they’ve come, and I can’t wait to see how they’ll continue to grow and improve from here!” said Zamborsky.

The Stillwater Marching Band will perform next at Pioneer Football’s Thursday, September 30 Pink Out game, and compete again at the Mustang Marching Invitational on Saturday, October 2.