Stillwater Strong, Loyal and True

Media Release

“Stillwater Strong, Loyal and True,” a book inspired by victims, survivors, first responders, and volunteers in the wake of the OSU Alumni Homecoming parade tragedy, was authored by Stillwater resident and Oklahoma State University graduate, D. Scott Petty. As Executive Director of the Stillwater Medical Foundation, Petty became closely acquainted with many victims and their families during the Foundation’s two month Stillwater Strong campaign. Their efforts provided those families some financial assistance offsetting medical bills and other pressing financial demands. The book offers a detailed account of true events occurring before, during and after the Oklahoma State University Homecoming parade crash in Stillwater, Oklahoma, on Saturday, October 24, 2015, which killed four and wounded more than 50 others. 

A brief historical review of prior OSU tragedies is detailed in the “Before” section of the book, describing the compassion and resilience of Stillwater and the Oklahoma State University family. This section highlights strength derived from having dealt with sad but true prior events. In the “During” section, Petty illuminates both the chaos and the simultaneous heartfelt goodness that followed this tragic event. His dive into just a few of the lives deeply impacted by the homecoming tragedy are only a sample of the shockwave felt by survivors, family, friends, neighbors, and loved ones.

In the “After” section of the book, the “Loyal and True” theme connects the dots from a little-known college student named Jacquelyn Lane now studying in Cambridge, England, to OSU Public Address Announcer, Larry Reece, and PGA Professional Golfer, Rickie Fowler. Each took large and small steps elevating awareness for the “Stillwater Strong” cause, and helped pay-it-forward. 

“I was lucky enough to get an early copy of this book and finished it in two days. It’s incredibly well done and obviously compelling. The way it’s organized and told is unique and makes for a great read,” said Chris Batchelder, Pres. And CEO, OSU Alumni Association.

“The intent of this book is to share the widespread goodness in the wake of a horrible tragedy, while inspiring community and charitable support for the construction of the Stillwater Strong Memorial to be built near the corner of Hall of Fame Avenue and Main Street,” Petty said. Donating 100% of the profits to the Stillwater Strong Memorial, Petty will continue contributing profits to benefit underfunded Stillwater Medical and community needs as long as the book is selling.

The book is available through Eskimo Joe’s Clothes, the OSU Student Store, and other major book retailers such as Barnes and Noble. An eBook is currently available on and in the near future other eBook options will also be available.

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