New Citywide Storm Siren System Ready for Spring Weather Season

April 19, 2022

Media Release Stillwater Emergency Management (SEMA) will have the new storm sirens and poles installed and fully functional within two weeks, mid-April. Ongoing system testing is occurring now to prepare for possible severe weather. The […]

What to expect if winter weather hits Stillwater this weekend

February 12, 2021

Media Release With the potential for unprecedented winter weather in the coming days, Stillwater’s Public Works, Public Safety, Emergency Management, Waste Management and Electric Utility departments are making sure they are ready to respond. If winter precipitation […]

SEMA completes important Radar Room upgrades

August 15, 2019

Media Release Stillwater Emergency Management (SEMA) recently completed upgrades to its Radar Room. This upgrade enhances SEMA’s ability to prepare Stillwater residents for emergencies by providing future looks at weather threats, more situational awareness and the opportunity for increasing staff. […]

In the Fallout Shelter: Civil Defense in Stillwater

October 11, 2017

by James Gregory, Sheerar Museum of Stillwater History Registrar One of the most recognizable symbols of the Cold War era is the black and yellow sign with the words “Fallout Shelter” that we’ve all seen […]