‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ opens April 13th

Town & Gown Theatre opens its fourth production of the 66th season on April 13th with the modern American classic To Kill A Mockingbird based on the book by Harper Lee, adapted for the stage by Christopher Sergel.

The play is set in 1935 Maycomb, Alabama where racial tensions are high. It follows the carefree Jean Louise Finch, “Scout,” as she watches her father, Atticus Finch, defend an innocent man, Tom Robinson, from a potential death sentence.

Rehearsal – Cast setting the scene in the courtroom.

“I picked this play because the story is told in such a sweet, candid manner,” said Director Jeri Seefeldt. “And I think the story is timely for today even though it was written in 1960.”

In the play, Scout later comes to realize that just because society portrays something as being true doesn’t mean that it is actually fact. Author Harper Lee defined this as a love story; however, many found this American masterpiece to be about the power of childhood innocence, morality, and love.

“I would like the audience to leave the theatre feeling resolve, love, and hope, all in that order.” said Seefeldt. The amount of local talent shines in this stage production with some local familiar faces and new ones to Town & Gown. “We have three adorable kids who are fun to watch. They know all their lines and everyone else’s!” Seefeldt states that overall it has been an enjoyable process rehearsing with a great group of people working around this show. “I am very proud of what we are going to present.”

To Kill A Mockingbird is a drama recommended for ages 8 and older. It will run for eight performances April 13-16 and 20-23, with Thursday, Friday, and Saturday performances beginning at 7:30 p.m. and Sunday matinees beginning at 2:30 p.m. Tickets go on sale Monday, Apr. 10, and can be reserved by calling the box office at 405-372-9122 or purchasing online tickets at www.townandgown.org. Ticket prices are Adult, $14; Students, $12; and Seniors, $12 (available for Sunday matinees only).

For more information about To Kill A Mockingbird, visit www.townandgown.org or find us on Facebook.

1. Court scene of Tom Robinson, played by Landon Greene, questioned by Atticus Finch, played by John Price.