Stillwater Public Schools to Host Teacher Job Fair

Story provided by Stillwater Public Schools

Stillwater Public Schools is hosting a Teacher Job Fair on Tuesday, November 16, from 5:30-7:00 p.m. at Stillwater High School. 

“We currently have twelve teacher openings for next semester that we hope to fill,” says Bo Gamble, Director of Human Resources, who is coordinating the fair. “This is a great opportunity for teacher candidates that are graduating in December or anyone looking for a fresh start to their career for the new year.”   

Gamble says they are also looking for potential employees for the 2022-2023 school year. “Of course, we don’t know exactly what our needs will be for next year, but do know we’ll need teachers, and we want to make connections now with anyone who might be interested in Stillwater as a future home whether it’s in January or August.”

The HR Director hopes teacher candidates will be drawn to the academic reputation of the school district and the benefits of living in a community like Stillwater. “This is a great place to teach. As the home of a world class university, Stillwater, as a community, knows the value of and supports education. Teachers and administrators who have worked in other districts regularly praise the support of the parents, community, and school district when compared to their previous employers.”

Every SPS school currently features art and music teachers, counselors, reading, remediation interventionists, and library media specialists on site, something not all schools in the state can offer. Recent initiatives by the district include an increased focus on employee satisfaction, support, and retention through maintaining small class sizes, staff and student safety, and a concerted effort to become a trauma-informed district.

While the focus of this job fair is teachers, Gamble welcomes those interested in any role. “In addition to teaching, we have several support roles open in the classroom and across the district,” he says. “So if you’re interested in being a teacher assistant, a mechanic, a warehouse assistant, or a bus driver, we’ll be happy to chat with you at this fair too.” 

There is an ongoing teacher shortage across the country that is particularly noticeable in Oklahoma. “Being where we are does present some challenges,” says Gamble. “In addition to the statewide teacher shortage, while we’re close enough to Oklahoma’s metro areas for convenient access to concerts or special events, we’re a little far for most people’s ideal daily commute time.” Gamble says they plan to use the fair as an opportunity to promote Stillwater as a place to live.

“I always say Stillwater is the best place in the world, and I really do mean that,” says Public Relations and Communications Coordinator Barry Fuxa, who’s working to promote the event. “It’s a small town with all the convenience of being able to get pretty much anywhere you need to go quickly. It’s home to great schools, major sporting events, music and arts festivals, and a premier performing arts center at OSU.” Fuxa lists outstanding medical facilities, restaurants, parks and lakes, and a strong chamber of commerce as additional benefits of Stillwater. 

“But the number one reason people should consider living and working here is the people,” he says. “It’s a community with friendly people from all over the world who come together when times are tough and who collaborate to make our community and our schools stronger and better every day.” Fuxa says he hopes job seekers will really engage with the principals at the fair to see why they love to call Stillwater home and SPS their employer.

Superintendent Marc Moore is looking forward to the event. “This is our first time hosting a teacher job fair like this, and I appreciate our administrators working to coordinate and promote this event. I hope upcoming teacher candidates and teachers from across the state will attend to see why they should join this district that is known for the academic and personal excellence of its students, the support and development of its teachers, and the strengths of its community.”

Assistance applying online will be provided at the fair, and job seekers are welcome to bring their children if needed. Those interested in attending the fair or applying to the district can find more information at