• Travel

    Stillwater Regional Airport receives statewide honors

    MEDIA RELEASE (STILLWATER, OKLAHOMA / May 18, 2017) – Stillwater Regional Airport was recognized once again for outstanding service with three statewide honors this past month. Stillwater Regional Airport Director Gary Johnson and Operations Chief [...]
  • Cause for Applause

    Hospice History

    Story provided by Judith Karman Hospice from their May 2017 newsletter. The hospice concept is ancient.  One of the earliest hospices we know of was in Jerusalem in 1046, the Hospice of St. John. It [...]
  • Community

    It Takes a Dragonfly Village

    Story by Ammie Bryant, photos provided by Katie Lewis When Lissette Minges and her husband Justin Minges moved back to Stillwater in 2011 from Indiana, Lissette said they “weren’t certain that Stillwater was a stopping [...]
  • Creative Living

    Just Keep Writing

    Story and photos by Sam Shook For centuries, storytellers have been important members of society. From ancient Egypt, to Medieval Europe, to the present day, stories inform us of the beliefs and values of different [...]
  • Shop Local

    Rawhide: Holy Cow Couture

    Story and photos by Sam Shook Stillwater has been associated with cowboys since 1923, when a certain Pistol Pete became a mascot. Although the days of horse-riding and duels at high noon are long gone, [...]
  • Style

    Makeover Masterpiece

    Story and photos provided by LaRitz Salon & Spa Jacquelyn Dawes is our May Makeover. She has been a guest of LaRitz Salon & Spa for over six years. She now lives and works in [...]
  • In the Spotlight

    Storm’s A-Comin’

    Story by Jefferson Bryant All was well on that warm spring day when I arrived home from school. I sat down with a plate of crackers and cheese and an ice-cold sodie-pop to watch G.I. [...]
  • Cause for Applause

    Stillwater Short Play Festival Returns

    An underwear laden clothesline with a sign proclaiming “You’ve been briefed!” is coming to a business near you. These “briefs” will be flapping in the breeze to promote the upcoming Stillwater Shorts Festival.  Proceeds from [...]

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