April is Move More Month

Story provided by TSET Healthy Living Program Serving Payne County

Designating April as Move More Month, the American Heart Association invites participants on a journey to move more throughout April. The American Heart Association recommends adults get at least 150 minutes per week of moderate-intensity aerobic activity or 75 minutes per week of vigorous aerobic activity (or a combination of both), preferably spread throughout the week. Increased physical activity can lead to better sleep, memory, balance, and cognitive ability. In addition, it is also linked to less risk of weight gain, chronic disease, dementia, and depression. 

While transitioning to an active lifestyle may seem intimidating, small intentional “steps” can pave the way towards this lifestyle change. For example, carve out time for grocery shopping instead of opting for grocery pick-up. Increase daily steps by parking in the furthest parking space from your destination. Furthermore, try to get up and take walking breaks throughout the day. This will not only help with increasing daily step counts but assist creative thinking as well. 

If you are looking for an outdoor venue to be physically active, or just the nearest park to walk your dog, the City of Stillwater may have an outdoor physical activity outlet closer than you think. Stillwater is home to three disc- golf courses, four lakes, 23 parks and open spaces, two splash pads, one pool, and various multi-use trails. As the weather begins to warm up, stop by one of the City of Stillwater’s 23 parks to increase your steps and begin building healthy, lifelong habits.

*City of Stillwater’s 23 Parks:

Arrington Park (3rd Avenue & Arrington)

Arrowhead Park (Arrowhead & Kings)

Babcock Park & Sports Complex (19th Avenue & Western Road)

Berry Park (Berry & Maple)

Boomer Lake Park (North Washington & Lakeview Road). Enjoy its three-mile walk/bike trail.

Centennial Plaza (6th Avenue & Perkins Road)

Chris Salmon Plaza (9th Avenue & Main Street)

Couch Park & Sports Complex (12th Avenue & Perkins Road)

Hoyt Grove Park (12th Avenue & Alcott Drive)

Ingham Park (4th Avenue & Ridge Street)

Lake McMurtry

Lake Carl Blackwell (Owned and maintained by Oklahoma State University)

Myers Park (9th Avenue & Ridge Drive)

Sanborn Lake Park & Sports Complex (West Airport Road)

Southern Woods Park (12th Avenue & Ramsey Street)

Strickland Park & Sports Complex (Main Street & Hall of Fame Avenue)

Stillwaggin’ Dog Park (801 W. 11th Avenue)

Stillwater 500 Motorcycle Park (6500 W. 56th)

Sunset Park (8th Avenue & Washington Street)

Tower Park (Walnut Street & University Avenue)

West Park (5th Avenue & Charles Street)

Whittenberg Park & Sports Complex (North of Richmond Road on U.S. 177)

Will Rogers Park (Washington Street and Eskridge Drive)

*Editor’s Note: Due to COVID19 some of these parks may be closed to the public. When visiting public spaces, please be sure to maintain social distancing measures to help stop the spread of the novel coronavirus.

See all City of Stillwater COVID-19 updates, resources and information: http://stillwater.org/page/breaking-news